Pre-Departure Support

Once the visa is granted, we have a briefing session where we hand over the pre-departure checklist to the student and provide information about the city, accommodation choices and transportation facilities. It is an important session as the student can clarify any of their last-minute doubts and queries and make their journey to Australia a pleasant one.

Our pre-departure assistance services include:

  • Accommodation and travel arrangements: We can help you find suitable accommodation options and book your travel arrangements, including flights, transfers, and other travel-related services.
  • Pre-departure briefing: We offer pre-departure briefings that cover a range of topics, including what to expect when you arrive at your destination, local customs and traditions, how to open a bank account, and other essential information.
  • Packing and luggage advice: We can provide you with tips and guidance on what to pack for your study abroad journey, including information about what to bring and what to leave behind.
  • Health and safety information: We can provide you with information about local healthcare providers, emergency services, and other health and safety considerations you should be aware of when studying abroad.
  • Cultural orientation: We can provide you with information about the local culture, customs, and etiquette in your destination country, including tips on how to adjust to a new environment and make the most of your study abroad experience.

Our goal is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to make a successful transition to your new study destination. By working with Idyllic Education Consultants, you can be confident that you have access to the resources and support you need to make your study abroad journey a success.